Why I’m a Career Coach

Career Management has an image problem. It’s often led by organisations rather than individuals; an after-thought, just-in-time or overlooked altogether.

I’m fired up about challenging the status quo, and want to give style to career transition and change.

My mission is to help professionals make career moves on their terms. It’s easy for savvy professionals to lose touch with the realities of a turbulent marketplace. Consumed with their day job, it becomes a low priority, until circumstances change – sometimes abruptly.

As ‘jobs for life’ are almost extinct and redundancies have become a routine business process, I want professionals to insure their careers so they have the freedom to choose their next career opportunity. Job loss and career transition is far easier to manage when someone is career fit.

There are a couple of other things which inspire me as a career coach:

The new career mid-point

In their recent book The 100 Year Life, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott discuss how new technologies are enabling us to work and live longer. The traditional view of retirement has changed, the nature of work will continue to evolve, and career navigation will be on a jungle gym – not rungs on a ladder.

Fifty is the new career mid-point. People who invest in their careers will have a competitive advantage. If an individual’s skills and expertise have currency, they are more likely to have ongoing employment, which directly impacts their options and quality of life.

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Women + Economic Independence

I’m passionate about women investing in themselves and their careers, irrespective of marital or motherhood status. If a woman has economic independence, she has freedom and choice. When women have sustainable careers – families, organisations and communities thrive.

Everyone deserves career fulfilment. That’s Why I’m a Career Coach.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

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