Why I Like You to Write Your Resume

While there are some excellent professional resume writers out there, I prefer to see you write your own resume.

When you write your own resume, you are owning, interpreting and representing your value proposition, as you target career opportunities.

Resumes are dynamic

In most cases, you will need to customise your resume for a specific position. Even if you’re happy in a job, you can update achievements in your resume anytime. Some industries and professions have resume standards. As you do the due diligence, you will gather more information, and may need to tweak your resume along the way.

Templates are tedious

As recruitment consultants and in-house recruitment teams can scan hundreds of documents a day, they see a lot of cookie-cutter resumes. As long as you follow the golden rules for resume writing, a distinctive resume will help you stand out from the pack.

I skip cover letters

After many years in recruitment roles, I tend to pounce on the resume and overlook the cover letter altogether. This habit can be to your detriment (and mine!), as candidates often mention career gems in the letter, which aren’t in their resume. Your resume should be able to stand alone, and showcase you as a convincing candidate.

You think more

In the age of  ‘personal branding’, you need to articulate your strengths and what you offer a future employer. Self-assessment is a pre-requisite for developing and launching a resume into the market. If you’ve done this, and taken the time to think how your experience lends itself to the opportunity, you’re making a commitment. It shows.

Speak as you write

If you’re crafted the document yourself, you’re more likely to recall details and reflect your writing in your speech. Much like defending a thesis, it’s easier to be interviewed against a resume that you’ve slaved over. If there is any conflict between the two, alarm bells start ringing!

You appear authentic

When you compose your resume, you decide what stays, and what goes. You haven’t been styled by anyone else. The fact that you’ve done the homework says you care enough about what the role and the organisation requires, and how you might add value to a prospective employer.

Allow your personality to shine

A hand-crafted resume gives me a glimmer of your personality. While they are ticking the boxes, good recruiters are also reading between the lines. All things being equal, an indefinable sizzle may spark their interest, and put your resume on top of the pile .

There is one proviso to all of the above – please observe the golden rules as you draft your resume. Although there are plenty of best practice resume writing tips in the public domain, check that they’re relevant to your market.

And before clicking on the send button, seek input and feedback from a range of professionals within your network. Their perception of your strengths and career achievements will be invaluable as you put the final touches on your resume.

Have I convinced you to write your own resume?

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