Superpowers Unplugged

The first step for anyone confronting a career change is take a good hard look at themselves – in the nicest possible way of course.

Each career pitstop is the perfect time to review and reflect on your roles and responsibilities to date. This includes identifying what you enjoy, what you do well, and what the market wants. The intersection of all three is referred to as your sweet spot, strengths or in this post – ‘superpowers’.

Today the focus is on my superpowers. Although I’m a bit of a chameleon, there are two common threads weaving through my career.

Superpower 1: Interviewing

I have form as an interviewer. I’m insatiably curious about people, and what they do. My early career involved recruiting school-leavers, graduates, and selecting staff for offshore roles. After I left corporate life I became an executive recruitment consultant. My first assignment was to find two Aides for the Governor of Victoria. I was off like a rocket!

Interviewing skills have translated into my current work as a career consultant and coach. This passion and expertise enables me to listen to people, challenge their thinking, and make suggestions about the next steps. My knowledge of an individual’s backstory and aspirations also helps as we explore their options, which engages my other ‘superpower’.

Superpower 2: Ideas

As someone with eclectic interests, I get excited by ideas. The people I work with are often deeply immersed in their day jobs. They haven’t had much time to check what’s happening outside their company or industry. I become the conduit between their current position and the world of possibilities.

I love pushing the boundaries, and encourage clients to think about both the common and less obvious choices. While I like to inspire the people I work with, I try to package ideas with pragmatism.

My superpowers give me the freedom to enjoy a variety of projects. And as much as I prefer the ‘high-touch’ environment in which to unleash my superpowers, technology allows me to connect with more of the people I love to work with.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4 

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