Redundancy SOS is now LIVE!

Restructuring, down-sizing and redundancy have become business as usual. It can be planned or random, unexplained and brutal. And although it no longer has the stigma it once had, redundancy can trigger a range of emotions, leaving many professionals feeling disheartened, and bewildered about the next steps.

There are organisations which manage redundancies with grace, and ensure all departing employees are equipped to navigate the next chapter of their careers. And despite a range of career transition and outplacement options available to them, many companies still handle redundancies poorly or not at all, which can leave former employees vulnerable in a competitive job market.

And no matter how well prepared you think you are for a redundancy situation, it can overwhelm the best of people.

This is why I developed ‘Redundancy SOS: Kick-start Your Job Search in 5 Days’, which is now LIVE!

You can read more about Redundancy SOS here.

Redundancy SOS is an online course which is designed for professionals whose employers may not have included career assistance in their redundancy package, and want/need to get back into the job market with confidence.

I’ve distilled the best of my insights as a career transition coach into an accessible, mini bootcamp to help professionals (this includes team leaders, managers + executives) prepare for a return to the job market.

Redundancy SOS is hosted on a dedicated membership website, and I’m really pleased with the final result, which you can check out in the video here.

But this course isn’t perfect for everybody.

You can read more about Redundancy SOS + purchase the course here or click the button below.





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