Is Your Career Insured?

While we insure our house, health and income without hesitation, are we future-proofing our careers in the same way?

Job loss can happen to the best of us. And even if you view redundancy as a positive life-changing experience, a little career insurance along the lines of the following, can make the transition so much easier.

Seize learning opportunities

Company subsidised training and development, whether skills-based, a leadership development program, executive coaching or conference attendance, are often undervalued fringe benefits. Leverage and learn from these opportunities, and update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Do things differently

When you’ve been in the same job for a few years, it’s easy to slip into cruise control. If you take the lead in meetings, try listening for a change. And if you like to observe from the sidelines, offer to give a presentation. Secondments and projects can offer capability building and networking opportunities which can also give your personal brand and professional development a boost. Sitting a little too comfortably in your ivory tower? Take a walk around the shop floor or visit a few customers. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about yourself and others – and can do differently.

Record feedback

Managers, peers, direct reports and customers share feedback with us on an ongoing basis. What should you keep doing, do more of, or perhaps avoid all together? Keep a record of the praise you receive, as this will indicate how you are valued, where you contribute, and highlight your strengths. This feedback will help you to write a compelling resume, and prepare for interviews and discussions with recruiters and prospective employers.

Get out of the weeds

Do you know what’s going on in your profession, industry or the organisations you admire? When we’re immersed in something we love, or are just plain under the pump, we become oblivious to what’s happening elsewhere. Make time to come up for air, and cultivate networks outside your organisation. The technology is at your finger tips – connecting with others is more accessible than ever.

Try incorporating a couple of these initiatives into your routine now, to ensure you’re in pole position when the career tides change.

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