Is Your Career a Work of Art?

The career paradigm has been redefined.

In Gianpiero Petriglieri’s Harvard Business blog post Turn Your Career into a Work of Art and video The Art of Career Development, he proposes that unlike previous generations, we are now reflecting upon our identity and purpose, and scrutinising our career choices, many times in our lifetime. And not only when we are struggling, but when we are succeeding.

Petriglieri writes “the better you do, the broader the range of opportunities you have. You no longer just get to move up, you get to move around. You are exposed to different opinions, worldviews, and lifestyles. You become keener to look for work that grants you more than sustenance and recognition. Work that allows you to feed your passions, express yourself and serve a larger cause.”

Today’s careers are no longer ladders. They are more like works of art.

Success in art is not just making a living, is it about moving and being moved. It is opening vistas and challenging the status quo. While an artist’s life can be exciting, it creates anxiety. Displaying passion can be scary.

In his research and leadership development work, Petriglieri observes the same concoction of emotions among people, especially leaders, who aspire to craft their careers around their passion.

So, to succeed and thrive like an artist, Petriglieri advocates that you:

  1. Build your career on a foundation of expertise
  2. Prove the work you do matters, and makes a difference to you & others
  3. Be courageous and put yourself out there, find a voice & defy convention
  4. Connect to a community that teaches, inspires & supports you.

What can you do to shape your career into a work of art?


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