How Recruiters Use LinkedIn

In their 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report, Bullhorn Reach analysed the activity of 35,000 recruiters across the ‘big three’ social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn was the star, with 48% of recruiters using the platform exclusively to source candidates. Check out their How Recruiters Are Using Social Media INFOGRAPHIC, which illustrates the key findings.

The LinkedIn business case for professional job seekers is further supported by the data underpinning this Social Recruiting: How to use social media to land a job INFOGRAPHIC. This research claims that 98% of recruiters are using social media to find candidates, and 94.5% have successfully hired candidates through LinkedIn.

Given that recruiters are integral to every job search, what do you need to know about how recruiters use LinkedIn, and what they look for in your profile?

Here’s what I learned, when I surveyed some Melbourne-based recruiters recently:

  • Recruiters use LinkedIn to identify candidates, business contacts, information on clients, for general networking, and checking out who’s linked to whom.
  • They refer to LinkedIn from at least three times a week, to several times a day.
  • Recruiters conduct filtered searches by name, location, industry, specific companies, position titles and keywords.
  • They use their LinkedIn networks for referrals & suggestions.
  • Recruiters look for many things in a profile: work background and experience; position title and content; achievements; areas of expertise, capabilities and skills; qualifications and contacts. This varies from one recruiter to another.
  • Profile Information should be up to date, easy to understand, not too detailed and checked for grammar and spelling.
  • To be found by recruiters, use key words appropriate to your industry, responsibilities, qualifications and titles. Make new connections, join groups and advertise your interest in topics.

 What was the best piece of advice?

Take the time to be clear, concise and articulate about your experience and career history – all of which demonstrates a confident profile.

Do you need to review your profile, to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn?

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