Finding My Tribe

If you’ve read my posts during The Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, you already know that I want to give career transition and change a makeover. I plan to challenge the traditional career management model, and deliver my coaching services online.

My dream clients inhabit organisations. They are HR and people managers who support their employees through career transition and change. They’re also professionals who want to make career moves on their terms.

I’ve sat through endless video tutorials, downloaded a gazillion guides, and spent thousands of dollars on e-courses. While there are plenty of people I’ve learned from, admire and follow, sometimes I feel like a wallflower at a party. I haven’t found my tribe yet.

But there is someone who’s setting a cracking pace, and chalking up impressive achievements in my arena.

Kathy Caprino has blogs on, Huffington Post and LinkedIn. She’s interviewed many business luminaries, written a book , has a podcast, and built a strong online community. Kathy also runs an e-course called the Amazing Career Project.

While I don’t wish to mimic her business model, I think Kathy will get me. She provides a shining light as I pursue my online career coaching practice.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6 

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