A Solopreneur’s Daily Formula For Success

Since making the leap from corporate life to solopreneurship a decade ago, I’ve honed the art of self-discipline. But as my interests evolve and change, the distractions soar. If I’m going to make a success of my online business, my daily routine needs some re-calibration.

I’m a morning person, and prefer to be left alone as I set my course for the day. After a walk with the dog, shower and breakfast, the first hour at the desk dictates my daily accomplishments. My mind is fresh and I’m at my best. Whether I’m working from home, offsite with a client or travelling, this formula seldom wavers.

My formula for a successful day has three components:


I’m at my desk by 8.30am. I’ve always had a dedicated home office which is comfortable, and fitted out with all the resources I need to get stuff done. My desk faces the window, so there’s plenty of light and an outlook to the world. With my dog asleep under the desk, I have companionship. The only distractions are self-imposed.


I read, respond and delete emails as required. If I find articles of interest, I share them. Unless something needs urgent attention, I try not to get sucked into the black hole of social media.


I review my work schedule then download and sort the things on my mind. A bundle of Sharpies makes this task a whole lot more colourful! The low value time-sucking jobs are separated from the work which needs my attention. I’ll review, prioritise and allocate myself a discrete chunk of a project to be completed that morning.

Now I’m ready to focus on service delivery.

I have a clear runway to create and develop course content or write blog posts. Although I have stretch breaks on the hour, I’m absorbed by the flow of productivity until noon. Then I’m free for client meetings, making connections, social media and tackling low priority tasks on the list.

And there’s always time for cafe conversations with colleagues and friends, who inspire and re-fuel me for another day.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5 





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