The Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Takeaways

This is the final day of the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. And just quietly, I’m a little relieved.

Writing isn’t one of my ‘superpowers’. A blog post takes me an excessive amount of time and energy to produce. After a trail of Ds and Es at school (and once an undignified F, when Dad helped me with my homework!), my teacher was gobsmacked when I snagged a B for English in the Year 12 exams.

I joined this Challenge to get back into the swing of writing again. I don’t pretend to be a blogger or an academic. I like to write accessible, practical posts to help professionals as they navigate the twist and turns of their careers. As an integral part of my website, the blog also gives potential clients a glimpse of how I think and work.

Today’s final blog challenge is to review my experience over the last 10 days:

What I enjoyed most about my experience of taking part in the blog challenge

Although I’m not a natural writer, I liked being pushed out of my comfort zone. The daily challenges were mini business planning sessions, which was timely as I focus on the year ahead.  As the challenge progressed, my posts became more like journal entries, which gave me further clarity about my career coaching practice.

My favorite challenge day and why

Day 2’s challenge on ‘Discovering your Why’ was my favourite. The post Why I’m a Career Coach gets to the heart of my mission, and niche in the career management arena. This post reflects how I will communicate about my business from now on.

The biggest takeaway I’ve had from it

My biggest takeaway is that I already enjoy a huge amount of freedom in my life. Although I can do more to build a sustainable business, the spade work over the last 10 years is paying dividends.

The next step I’m going to take to make my freedom plan a reality

If I’m going to develop a successful online business, I need more information and feedback on what my ideal clients want and need for their careers, how they’d like services delivered, and where I can help them.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10 

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