Over 50 + Not Done Yet!

When I turned 50, I didn’t think about “slowing down”. Retirement was some far-flung destination. I didn’t give populist chatter a second thought + chose to make career moves on my terms.

After all, 50 is the new career midpoint.

Unless you have a fabulous inheritance or superannuation fund, the reality is that your working life is likely to exceed that of previous generations. And as government + company policies can’t influence community perceptions + behaviours fast enough, I want women to feel empowered to generate their own career pathways – well into their sixties.

This starts with an understanding of our signature strengths, articulating how we add value in an organisation + knowing why employers love having us around. It involves upbeat attitudes, defying the deluge of negativity, being prepared to make compromises + work differently. And finding ongoing career opportunities also means focusing on the sectors, industries, organisations or individuals that make us welcome + allow us to shine.

As a career consultant, mentor + coach, I’m on a mission to help women galvanise their wealth of experience + expertise, communicate their worth with confidence + continue to make meaningful contributions in a job market in a constant state of flux.

We may be over 50, but we’re not done yet!

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10 Things to Consider Before You Take the Leap from Corporate to Solo

These days many professionals yearn for a lifestyle that offers greater flexibility on how they manage their work, energy + time. And as companies restructure, change shape + outsource their functions, a new economy of small business operators has filled the voids. In their recent report Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy, McKinsey claimed that up to 162 million people in Europe

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Redundancy SOS is now LIVE!

Restructuring, down-sizing and redundancy have become business as usual. It can be planned or random, unexplained and brutal. And although it no longer has the stigma it once had, redundancy can trigger a range of emotions, leaving many professionals feeling disheartened, and bewildered about the next steps. There are organisations which manage redundancies with grace, and ensure all departing

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What’s does your career look like in 2017?

A new year always fills me with optimism about the boundless possibilities and serendipitous moments ahead. Personally, I can’t wait until the never-ending festive hoopla (which is very protracted, given it’s summer down-under) is over, and everybody gets back to work! But for others, a new year can fill them with dread. Just before New Year’s Eve,

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The Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Takeaways

This is the final day of the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. And just quietly, I’m a little relieved. Writing isn’t one of my ‘superpowers’. A blog post takes me an excessive amount of time and energy to produce. After a trail of Ds and Es at school (and once an undignified F, when Dad helped me with my

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Wherever I Lay My Hat, I Work Then Play

Since I escaped from the cubicle nation, I’ve enjoyed a flexible lifestyle, which is just the way I like it. But there is one constant in my daily life. As I mentioned in my earlier post, mornings are like gold to me. And wherever I am, there’s the same ritual – whether I’m at my desk, heading off to work

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A Sunday Soul Adventure

I love Sundays. It’s the one day of the week that I want to ‘sleep-in’, get to a favourite cafe before it’s packed out, but still enjoy the freshness of an early morning walk with the dog. All before 10am. This morning I won the trifecta. We were at Kensington Gardens early enough to give Chica an off-lead run, and bump into Robert.

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Knock Overwhelm on the Head

Right now, I feel overwhelmed with every fibre of my being. I need to restore my mojo pronto. After being on the back-burner for way too long, I plan to launch my first e-course Redundancy SOS: Kick-start Your Job Search in 5 Days, before the end of this year. As my recent tropical holiday came to an

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Finding My Tribe

If you’ve read my posts during The Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, you already know that I want to give career transition and change a makeover. I plan to challenge the traditional career management model, and deliver my coaching services online. My dream clients inhabit organisations. They are HR and people managers who support their employees through career transition and change. They’re also professionals who want

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A Solopreneur’s Daily Formula For Success

Since making the leap from corporate life to solopreneurship a decade ago, I’ve honed the art of self-discipline. But as my interests evolve and change, the distractions soar. If I’m going to make a success of my online business, my daily routine needs some re-calibration. I’m a morning person, and prefer to be left alone as I set my course for

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