As a career consultant and coach, I enjoy challenging the status quo and providing inspiring yet pragmatic ideas, guidance and advice to people as they navigate the opportunities and obstacles of their careers.

I work with organisations to help their people to identify their professional strengths, articulate the roles they play at work, explore possibilities and options, and take the next step of their careers.

Areas I get involved include the following:

  • Career transition + change

  • Talent assessment + selection

  • Career progression

  • Outplacement + job search

  • Individual coaching

  • Workshop facilitation

How I can help your organisation?

Examples of my work include:

  • Facilitating career development + post-redundancy workshops and providing individual coaching, with Right Management.
  • Interviewing and recommending board candidates for (Victorian Local Government initiative) Community Chef’s Board, with Horner Recruitment.
  • Engaging with and providing simulation feedback for KPMG’s Compass, the pre-partner development centre, with Bendelta.
  • Providing leadership coaching for unit managers + team leaders in Child Protection, the Department of Human Services, Victoria, with Bendelta.
  • Delivering 360 degree feedback debriefs and follow-up workshops for senior managers + executives at the Department of Justice, with iedex Management Consultants.
  • Performing the role of Project consultant and workshop facilitator for the introduction of a customised on-line performance management tool at Victoria University, with iedex Management Consultants.
  • Facilitating ‘The Leadership Toolkit’, a series of the Australian Women in Leadership Forums in Australia’s major cities, with Workplace Training Advisory Australia (WTAA).
  • Developing and directing customised leadership and management development programs and workshops for private and public sector clients, at Mt Eliza Business School (now part of Melbourne Business School).
  • Creating the e-course ‘Redundancy SOS: Kick-start Your Job Search in 5 Days’ for professionals who haven’t been provided with an employer-sponsored career transition or outplacement program.

Although based in Adelaide, I’m available for work throughout Australia by arrangement.

Please call me on 0417 908800 or email mary@careerstylenotes.com to discuss how I can contribute to a project or help people in your organisation.

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