I work with government, corporate and NFP clients to help their people to develop and create sustainable, satisfying careers.

Whether it’s related to:

  • Moving on after redundancy
  • Tackling the job market
  • Preparing for a promotion
  • Getting ready for an important interview
  • Leadership development
  • Planning a career change
  • Building career longevity
  • Gliding to retirement

Work with me

Thanks to my time in HR, executive recruitment, executive education, leadership development and career transition consulting, I’ve helped thousands of professionals from every imaginable industry and sector, at various stages of their careers.

I’ve been an associate consultant in Right Management’s Career Management practice in Melbourne and now Adelaide, where I work with career transition candidates. I’ve also delivered executive recruitment consulting, and career and leadership development coaching services on behalf of Jo Fisher Executive, iedex, Bendelta, Beilby, OPRA and Horner Recruitment. I’m also a preferred supplier for Career Money Life.

Examples of my work include the following:

  • Facilitated career development + post-redundancy workshops and provided individual coaching, at Right Management.
  • Interviewed + recommended Board Directors for the Local Government initiative Community Chef, on behalf of Horner Recruitment.
  • Facilitator for KPMG’s Compass, the pre-partner development centre simulation experience, on behalf of Bendelta.
  • Leadership coaching for unit managers + team leaders in Child Protection, the Department of Human Services, Victoria, on behalf of Bendelta.
  • Customised 360 degree feedback debriefs and follow-up workshops for senior managers + executives at the Department of Justice, on behalf of iedex Management Consultants.
  • Project consultant and workshop facilitator for the introduction of iedex’s customised on-line performance management tool at Victoria University.
  • Led the facilitation of ‘The Leadership Toolkit’, a series of the Australian Women in Leadership Forums, for Workplace Training Advisory Australia (WTAA).

My style is thought-provoking, pragmatic and tailored to an individual’s needs. Programs and workshops are customised to meet the organisation’s objectives and desired learning outcomes.

Although based in Adelaide, I’m available for work throughout Australia by arrangement.

To learn more about how I can support the people in your organisation, please call 0417 908800 or email mary@careerstylenotes.com.